20 most Promising Proptech Solution Providers - 2019

Today, the real estate sector accounts for nearly 60 percent of the world’s mainstream assets, out of which 75 percent belongs to the residential sector. PropTech was barely a topic of discussion. However, digitalization is changing the face of this industry, attracting its own share of technology incumbencies.

Evidently, digital connectivity will play a pivotal role in attracting tenants to commercial and residential buildings. With the upcoming 5G revolution in cellular technology, building owners will move to future-proof their real estate assets.

The need for connected properties will increase the demand for smart buildings that are IoT enabled to improve data flow with integrated systems, creating enhanced and efficient management capacities for security, and other requirements. At this juncture, it is worth noticing that IoT can improve not only the real estate industry but also the everyday lives of individuals by its varied application from predictive maintenance to accelerated decision making.

VR and AR applications are also gaining traction in the realm of real estate; from property viewing and walk-through to augmented hoardings and property brochures, AR provides transparency, simplicity, and beauty to the marketing and selling of property.

That’s not all; powerful drones will continue to be widely used in the industry for capturing footage of properties and their surroundings for virtual tours, as well as producing videos of areas under development.

At this juncture, to guide CIOs in selecting the most suitable PropTech solutions, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board have reviewed the top companies and shortlisted the ones that offer the best-in-class services and solutions for dealing with the rising PropTech requirements.

We present to you the “20 Most Promising PropTech Solution Providers - 2019.”

Top Proptech Companies


An AI powered, multi-channel inbox that optimizes the resident experience, streamlines communication, and makes property management teams more efficient

BMBY Software Systems

Develops and implements innovative marketing and sales systems designed for increasing growth and customer values in the real estate market

Chime Technologies

Provides a powerful lead generation and CRM solution for real estate professionals

Domain 6

Provides real estate solutions built on the Microsoft suite


Makes life easier for property owners, property managers and residents


An integrated property maintenance solution and supplier marketplace collaboration platform that helps property operators work more efficiently to connect real estate property operators, their suppliers, and residents

Real AI

Provides a robust platform to streamline property acquisition processes for commercial real estate investors


Offers a web application to help commercial real estate appraisers save time and boost the efficiency of their appraisal process


A team of property management experts that builds home automation solutions for property owners, installers, and residents

The Annet Group

Fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship that encourages and enables its team to build wholesome businesses that make a positive difference in the lives they serve


Understands the importance of listening to customers to provide solutions that meet and anticipate their needs


A team of technologists working with real estate professionals to enhance the building experience for tenants and residents

CRE Tech

Develops and licenses technology products focused towards the commercial real estate profession

Digsy AI

Digsy makes it easier to find commercial real estate properties, occupants and clients


Catalyse communities, using technology to turn commercial spaces into places where people can truly thrive

Honest Buildings

Accelerate urban progress by empowering collaborative, data-driven decision making, project by project, building by building, city by city


Establishing 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing, and reimagining the world


Gives agents and landlords the tools they need to easily and efficiently collect a completed rental application and tenant screening package for each tenant


Empowers instant dealmaking, speedy transaction closing and easy service acquisition where any party can showcase, initiate, negotiate, consummate and refer deals, and acquire services at their fingertips


A global technology company, with products to serve any size business, in any real estate market