How Landlords Get Their Voices Heard With Technology

Ryan Barone, CEO, RentRedi
Ryan Barone, CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>RentRedi</a>

Ryan Barone, CEO, RentRedi

RentRedi is reinventing how landlords self-manage their properties. By listening directly to what their customers say, RentRedi will make managing rental business easier for landlords.

CEO Ryan Barone started building the RentRedi app in 2016. Since then, he and the RentRedi team have worked with thousands of landlords across the country to develop a sleek, easy-to-use property management software and app that ensures landlords have everything they need to manage their rentals from anywhere.

A critical part of successfully rolling out features designed to simplify the lives of their landlords is RentRedi’s hands-on customer support. 

“We have features for rent, listing units, maintenance, leases, and more, but our #1 feature for landlords is our customer support. It’s our job to make every part of renting easier, so our customer support is always there to help our landlords out if they need it.” - RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone

The Quest for Easier Lease Signing

Most recently, many RentRedi landlords requested the ability to e-sign leases—and RentRedi delivered. Whereas landlords used to have to schedule in-person lease signings or pay extra for a document signing site, now landlords can send e-signature requests to their tenants directly from the RentRedi app. 

Tenants receive the request directly in their RentRedi app. From there, they read and sign the lease electronically by accepting the terms and conditions of the lease and completing an identity verification check. 

Landlords review and verify the tenant’s signature and identity, and then complete the signing process. From there, the document can be downloaded with legally binding evidence of signature for both landlords and tenants.

Direct-from-Landlord Features

As mentioned earlier, all of our features can from speaking with landlords across the country to ensure RentRedi’s mobile app makes self-managing easy and affordable—whether you’re just starting out or scaling your investments. 

1. Skip the trip to the bank with mobile rent payments

Landlords drive to and from rentals, pick their tenants up to make trips to the bank, and anxiously await mailed-in checks. However, after working with RentRedi, the power of mobile rent payments puts all the landlord’s money directly in their hands. 

Now, landlords can create charges, set up auto-late fees, and manage your upcoming, due, and overdue rent payments all from one place. Importantly, landlords can also check the status of rent payments so you always know where payments are in the funnel.

2. Fill vacancies faster with our marketing options

As most landlords know, turnover and vacancies can hurt your rental business financially. Every month a unit stands empty drains your finances. However, RentRedi helps reduce vacancies by offering a wide variety of simple and easy marketing tools you can use to get your newest tenants in the door faster.

Landlords can list their rentals for free to and Doorsteps—one of the largest rental listing networks. Additionally, RentRedi also makes it easier for landlords to share listings directly with prospects. With your own listing page, you can copy and share your listing to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, any social media network, your website or send directly to a prospect.

3. Identify quality tenants with our 3-step application process

How many landlords struggle to secure good tenants? It can be hard to determine if a prospect is qualified for your unit or not, but RentRedi developed a 3-step application process alongside landlords to ensure that your units are only filled with the best.

1. RentRedi’s prequalification is an easy 10-question survey that prospects fill out directly from the RentRedi tenant app and send to landlords. From this, you can easily determine if a tenant meets your minimum requirements.

2. Our mobile application is comprehensive and free—tenants submit their documentation directly from the app as well. Additionally, another landlord request was auto-tenant screening, which landlords can turn on and tenants can automatically submit after completing their application.

3.  RentRedi’s background checks are TransUnion-certified with credit, criminal, and eviction reports and customized leasing recommendations.

4. Increase renter retention with our tenant mobile app

Not only does RentRedi’s tenant app make paying rent easy for tenants, but it also makes the rest of the renting process easier as well.

Renters can set up auto-payments and schedule recurring rent reminders. They can purchase renters insurance, if required, or upload proof of renters insurance. Renters are also given the ability to submit a 5-second video with their repair requests so landlords can see directly what the issue is. 

5. Securely store all your data in one place

Landlords want—and need—a property management app and dashboard they could use to manage their rentals from anywhere. RentRedi’s mobile app and web dashboard automatically sync so you never have to worry about transferring work or losing data.

With RentRedi, you can take your rental management business with you and manage your properties and payments from your car, the office, or the couch. Wherever you are, your business is.