Positioning Prop Tech as Key Differentiator in Real Estate Development

Sean C. Edwards, President, Rittenhouse Communications Group
Sean C. Edwards, President, <a href='https://www.cioreview.com/rittenhouse-communications-group' rel='dofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Rittenhouse Communications Group</a>

Sean C. Edwards, President, Rittenhouse Communications Group

Over the past two decades, the mid-Atlantic markets have seen a substantial increase in infill housing, striving to meet the housing demands of the new urban dwellers looking for walkable communities close to offices and the great entertainment that cities provide. In tandem, developers seized the opportunity in the conversation of class b office buildings in urban centers into highly amenitized multi-family buildings. For example, in Philadelphia, 7 million SF of this asset class has been repositioned into residential uses since 2000. This building boom created new housing options from micro apartments to luxury condos but it also created the niche Prop Tech market to soar, using technology to attract and retain tenants in a highly competitive market. 

Enter Rittenhouse Communications Group, a smart building integrator that delivers seamlessly integrated technology aka “Parts and smarts for sticks and bricks.”

Real Estate Leaders Looking for Value Add

Rittenhouse Communications Group (RCG) is a certified MBE executing exemplary prop tech solutions for high profile multifamily, residential and hospitality projects nationally.

There are two prongs to building technology integration; streamlining business operations and improving the experience of the end user.

In the world of multifamily and mixed use housing, the business pain points were uniform across the board. Building access, security and functionality was clunky and ad-hoc with different processes and systems unable to communicate, wasting human effort on these lack of efficiencies.

  Rittenhouse Communications Group (RCG) is a certified MBE executing exemplary prop tech solutions for high profile multifamily, residential and hospitality projects nationally  

Working directly with owners and property management groups, RCG began to roll out customized solutions using vetted providers from every corner of the prop tech space to create designs that would sync the products making daily operations a breeze for property managers and tenants.

Owners and developers began to see the value in these well curated solutions as well to sell a differentiated product. RCG has been perfecting the art of integration for the better part of a decade now, with a steep increase in demand during 2020. Between the immediate need to make buildings touchless due to the proliferated spread of COVID 19 to the civil unrest in many of the country’s communities, the ability to secure buildings remotely became necessity. We see this as a major win keeping residents and investments safe across a wide network of sites.

Making Buildings Future Ready

“It’s all about making the future of the buildings ready. Our team collaborates with international industry leaders and product designers to curate unified solutions for our clients,” he continues.

RCG partners with the leading hardware and software providers for best-in-class results. Discovery, design and installation is a bespoke process for each project and the company is ever evolving to exceed client needs. Rittenhouse has become the one-stop-shop for all things technology, making your building “Safer, smarter, connected.” The trademark tagline came about after distilling the three most sought-after solutions from developers and property owners.

The key here is staying away from proprietary systems while searching out nimble solutions that play nice in the sandbox with others. After RCG launched their Innovation Center in 2016, clients could experience the wide array of hardware and software available to solve their prop tech dilemmas while meeting their aesthetics.

 Building a team of engineers and experts that can translate the language of one product to another for a symbiotic program has been a triumph for the boutique firm. The team thrives on seeking out the latest and greatest products to keep their edge.