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Donnie Law, CEO & Chief Software Architect
A perfect storm is brewing in the real estate market. One that is shaped by the lack of choice in easy-to-implement enterprise real estate property management software solutions and the rising pressures within companies using older technologies. Only organizations that are designed on a flexible data architecture—so that new solutions can be implemented uninterrupted and easily changed when technology changes— can weather this market-disrupting storm. REMLogics helps customers face this storm head-on by providing both a no-code development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and an enterprise real estate management (REM) SaaS platform. Nimble in architecture and equipped with cutting-edge technology that disrupts even major enterprise REM solution providers; REMLogics infuses a sense of stability and flexibility to commercial and residential real estate management workflows.

Donnie Law, Chief Executive Officer of REMLogics, noticed that a lot of real estate companies in the market are on the lookout for a technology that can consolidate financial and property management stacks and integrate seamlessly into existing real estate software architectures—like smart buildings and devices, utilities, cybersecurity, leasing and others— without having to bring existing processes to a standstill. “Our flexible technology, which facilitates the digital transformation of property management systems, quells the storm in the real estate industry,” says Law. REMone™ is designed from the ground up on cloud architecture using Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs to facilitate interoperability among systems and easy integration of data structures. The 100% stateless architecture ensures customers never lose any work if ever there is a system or mobile device interruption.

REMLogics utilizes a no-code development PaaS to help spark innovation within an organization. Subject matter experts who have little to no knowledge of coding languages can innovate their way out of spreadsheets and build a limitless amount of applications to automate many business processes. Eliminating external software vendors or consultants saves customers from costly consulting fees and gives them leeway for customizations that do not interrupt the regular workflows. This allows IT to focus on larger impact projects.

REMone is a complete enterprise REM solution that challenges current enterprise software vendors. “Our solution transforms the current real estate management landscape across property, tenant, lease and billing management functions. This is due to REMone’s future-proof REM enterprise SaaS solution and no-code development PaaS.” adds Law.

REMLogics’ partnership with Nextworld, an innovative ERP SaaS and no-code development PaaS solution provider, proved to be the platform and launchpad for REMone. This established REMone as the real estate industry’s most open and flexible enterprise-grade REM solution available today. Nextworld, led by Ed McVaney—one of the founders of JD Edwards— provides the state-of-theart technology to power the REMone solution.

Our solution, with its future-proof REM enterprise SaaS and no-code development Platform-as-a- Service, transforms the current real estate management landscape across property, tenant, lease, and billing management functions

This partnership has been extremely beneficial to customers as it allows them to focus on the business and management side of the enterprise and leaves the underlying technologies in the capable hands of Nextworld and REMLogics. The REMone solution easily integrates with Nextworld’s financial system—as well as others like Oracle Cloud Apps and JD Edwards financials—that hosts the abundant data sets associated with massive assets under management (AUM) amounting to billions of dollars. “Unlike our competition, we’ll let you keep your current financial system”, says Law. This is a huge advantage for innovative real estate CIOs as they will certainly see more industry consolidation that brings with it the challenges of managing multiple technology stacks and REM software investments.

Although the solution is one of the best in solving complex market problems that challenge even the largest REM technology providers today, the icing on the cake is that the REMLogics’ SaaS and no-code PaaS platform has not yet reached its full potential. Over the next year, REMone™ will be further enhanced for broader use cases across loan, debt, budgeting, and investment management, as well as building out a more robust solution for residential landlords.

The team at REMLogics is always exploring newer avenues within PropTech by working closely with customers and industry experts alike. These interactions not only help the company gauge the current market demands, but also serve as a guide for further innovations. “Looking at things from outside the paradigm provides a unique perspective that allows us to create REM solutions that no other software vendors can offer.” concludes Law.

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Donnie Law, CEO & Chief Software Architect

REMLogics is a Real Estate Management (REM) software development company that provides the next generation of complete enterprise SaaS solutions and a no-code development PaaS for office, retail, residential, and mixed-use landlords. Unlike the competition, REMLogics lets clients keep their current financial system because the company is designed-to-integrate. REMone™ easily talks to any G/L through industry standard RESTful API endpoints. The result is enterprise-grade financial software that includes best-delivered practices, a flexible G/L structure, and built-in analytics

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